Welcome to Vryllnithia

In a world of turmoil and deception, the worst, becomes more than just the worst. An impending virus outbreak and a new force reckons against not only the humans and other humanoid types, but even the famed Dragons as well.

Vryllnithia: Where We Rest When We Die

Vryllnithia is not simple. It is complex, long, and so far, a complete work in progress. It changes frequently and things change in a matter of seconds. Vryllnithia started off as a simple idea written down into a binder {Which is falling apart now..} and it has grown over the past year into a world of fantasy, a world of deception, slaughter, and rules. Vryllnithia is far from being peaceful and it is falling into shambles slowly, with no hope, it has become a graveyard where the Dragons and humanoids alike are fighting against each other. Since the Virus outbreaks, the only peace are the "Safe Cities" where electricty runs to keep the Virus infectants away. How long this can keep up, no one is for sure, but the Mother of Vryllnithia is not in anyway a very happy person right now and she is wrecking mass havoc. Vryllnithia will never be the same, not as it was intended in the beginning to be, a safe and secure planet away from Earth where death was everywhere. Vryllnithia has become both the same, and different, from Earth. It falls and the only hope is now gone.

The Roots of Hope have been cut away, torn out of the ground, and it will never run deep again.

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