The Breeds of Dragon in Vryllnithia remain completely and utterly set. Very few changes occure, except for the alteration of the Viruses. The breeds range from Feathered, to Scales, to undead. They are split into categories depending on their genetic and Virus impanted types. Many catagories are a simple Is it Protective? Gaurdian? Healer? Killer? The breeds have their own distinct personailty types and depending on the Area it is from depends on its genetoc makeup and the way it behaves. So, to keep the suspense from getting any worse, here are the Breeds of Dragon in Vryllnithia.
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==&nbsp The Killers of Vryllnithia== The Vryllnithia Dragons falling under the easy category of Killers, are not a force to reckon with. Many of these guys are seen all the time, and most are infected. The most well known is Sangyne Annevile. a famed Dragon throughout Vryllnithia known as "Mother." Sangyne is of the breed Annevangyne, but due to the Virus messing in her Genes, she is no longer, she is known as a seperate breed infected with Uropure and Prostev, the Asphryein Breed. Other killer breeds are the Annevangyne, the Sangryrn, the Vlykyn, and a few others.

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