The Dragons of Vryllnithia are by far the major factor of what makes Vryll what it is. Besides the viruses, Vryllnithia is highly known for its dragons, and what occurs between the different breeds. They contributions to Vryllnithia, and the way they thrive and sruvive. Many breeds are known to claim a rider, others are loners, and some are straight out complete infectants who could care less and less about anything around them. Some of the most known breeds are vile and wretched, but all together they hold in more than just a vileness and voltality. Some are very calm, protective even, and then there are healers and some are even gaurdians. Some are meant to fight in the Pits and some are meant to fight alone. But altogether inside of Vryllnithia, the Dragons are the most intllegent species, aside from the succesful Uropure and Prostev Infectants. The breeds of Dragons range from scaled monsters, to furry ones who will tear your throat out if you underestimzate them. Cute, but deadly.

For all the Dragons, it is very common that there is one "Mother" of all of them. Her name is Sangyne Annevile. By a common fate and a sudden spure of danger, Sangyne created Vryll, with the hopes that it would thrive. Indeed it did, but then it fell apart right before her. Sangyne Annevile has never been the same since, and her life has merely shifted along with the rest of her old world. She is a succesful infectant of both Uropure and Prostev. Her rider is James Ryan Jericho Lecter. Sangyne Annevile has never been the same since she lost him, was infected and then he returned to her, after a complete onslaught. Sangyne is one of the few Dragons able to take on the human-like form. She can shift into that of a small girl and be able to wreck havoc just as well as if she was in her dragon Form.

The Titans are a few dragons close to Sangyne, but not close enough. They simply wait in hiding, a few venturing forth with stories of their own. The Titans are all female. The Arch Titans are not as strong as the Titans, and are all male. There are only five of each of these groups and they have been alive ever since the beginning of Vryllnithia.

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